About Us

Immipreneurs® of Austria is an initiative to help young ethnic / minority enterprises, ‘ImmiCo’, located in Austria by providing support and financing. We offer in particular;

- General consulting & support 

- Funding to cover working capital, capital assets & specific operating  expenses

IoA limits the initial investment up to €50,000; however, with the achievement of agreed milestones the amount of total investment can be doubled to €100,000 over a period of two years.  

We believe in finding a reason to invest and not to not invest - inclusion

What we offer to Entrepreneurs - ImmiCo

Young entrepreneurs not only require adequate funding to cover the initial cashflow needs, but also a good sales & marketing support. 

When one is of foreign origin, the entrepreneur often has limited access to appropriate information and posses lack of relevant business knowledge. 

To overcome these fundamental shortcomings; we at IoA have made our mission to support individuals with good ideas, for which others have shown a limited interest.

We build relationship based on sound business model, supporting young entrepreneurs in early stage by providing;

  • financial support 
  • mentoring 
  • networking 
  • introduction to resources of local eco-system 
  • educating / developing a professional business model


  • back office services / administrative support  
  • if needed, sales consulting & support can be utilized